Complete 26 years today in 2021.

Permanent Threads mills were discovered in 1995. Late Shri Pramod Kumar Bhatt ji. He died of Covid-19 on 02 May 2021.

We always remember the founder of our company Late Shri Pramod Kumar Bhatt ji. And with his blessings, we have reached this far today.

  • We express our gratitude to our 500+ dealers and the consumers who use all our products. Even today, by cooperating with all of them, we are providing services to all of you. All the dealers and consumers are same for us. We always respect everyone.
  • Permanent Threads Mills. has pursue excellence and established itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality polyester thread for the Garments industry.
  • We understand that each market may require a thread with varying physical properties that help in achieving optimum sewing and seaming performance. We manufacture threads from different fibers, thread constructions, sizes and colours to meet the demands of the markets they are used in.
  • The company is led by an experienced and highly qualified management team with an unwavering commitment to bring innovation to the product line, modernizing the plants and adopting high-tech methods to distinguish the company in the market. Over the years, we have seen the company’s increase in customer base and market presence.
  • Selecting the perfect thread quality is first achieved by determining the end-use requirements of your sewn products. It’s the seam strength requirements, stitch & seam design, optimum stitch length, and normal life of the product that make up the important factors. It’s also vital to consider the type of material sewn, the type of sewing machines being used, conditions under which the product must perform as well as the cost-effectiveness.



Permanent Threads started its journey in 1995, the late Shri PramodKumar Bhatt who had first set foot in the thread business when he worked at Garment Mills (Surat). was known for his commitment and integrity. He brought this rich Industry experience and ventured into manufacturing of thread with PRIYANKA SYNTHETICS. This Comnpany Name is changed in 2017 by Our Founder. PRIYANKA SYNTHETICS Name Changed to PERMANENT THREADS MILLS. They Born on 15 July 1968. They Died on 02 May 2021 Due To Covid-19 Corona Virus. He steadfastly led the company with determination and positive spirit under all circumstances.

Mr. Pradip Bhatt completed his degree in in 2013 Ahmedabad. He has over 10 years of business experience with an extensive pool of knowledge from Marketing, to understanding customer needs as well as varying business environments. He has also been associated with Permanent Threads Mills as an Advisor since July 1, 2013, to closely work on their strategy and advice on areas like.

We make Interlock Cone, Sewing Tube, Bag Closing Tube, Bag Closing Cone, Jeans Sewing Tube, Jeans Sewing Cone. Our computerized colour machining system for dyeing recipe development and quality assurance offer a wide range of solutions for a diverse range of industries.

Product Range

  • INTERLOCK - OVERLOCK CONES (100G,150G,200G,250G,400G,500G,1KG)
  • SEWING CONES(100G ,200G)
  • SEWING TUBES(130M ,300M .800M .900M )
  • BAGCLOSING CONES(100G,150G,200G)

Permanent Apllications and Usages

<> Garments, Hosiery, Tailors & House Hold Stitching.
<> Jeans and Heavy Bottom Weights Stitching.
<> Industrial, Lace & Hand Knitting.
<> Socks & Hosiery Knitting, Fabric Lace Weaving.
<> Machine And Hand Embroidery & Crochet.
<> Terry Towel Weaving.


PERMANENT POLY Sewing Products
PERMANENT  Bag-Closing Products
PERMANENT KING Interlock Products
PERMANENT  Jeans & Casual Products

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